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פרטי משרה

Head of Electrolyzers research

A well-funded startup

A well-funded startup coming out of stealth mode, is building its electrolyzers research team and capabilities.

If you are a talented, visionary electrolyzers expert (team lead or researcher) looking to work on new and exciting electrolyzers optimization materials, you may be the person we are looking for.

We specialize in nano coatings derived from ground-breaking quantum-chemistry. Through precise control of electron spin, we significantly boost the performance and effectiveness of electrochemical devices such as electrolyzers, batteries, fuel cells and more.

Our nano-coatings can be applied in a simple and low-cost process that seamlessly integrates with existing technologies, form factors, and manufacturing processes.

This enhances existing solutions’ capacity, efficiency, and life expectancy, contributing to a cost-effective path towards a greener future.

Key Responsibilities:

Leverage your deep knowledge of electrolyzers technologies to lead the development, testing, and optimization of advanced electrolyzing solutions.

  • Work with our materials and coating team to customize our solution to different electrolyzing chemistries.

  • Lead POCs with end customers (electrolyzers manufacturers) to enhance their electrolyzers and to optimize for their specific technology.

Build and lead a high-performing team, fostering innovation and collaboration to achieve breakthrough results.


Proven experience in engineering research and development in the industry. Solving optimization problems, methodical and systematic work. Proven managing skills. Specifically:

  • MA or PhD in a related field.

  • Proven experience in electrolyzers technology development and management.

  • Demonstrated success in leadership roles and teamwork within dynamic and fast-paced environments.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

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