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cfo - CPA - IPO

medical startup - AI

The role is to lead the Finance , IR and Legal teams and being part of the leadership of the company, navigating the company to its growth and success.


• Leading the Company IPO, Private and secondary financing rounds of the Company - Control and evaluate the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure

• Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team

• Drive the company’s financial planning, manage the capital request and budgeting processes

• Oversee the financial operations  and foreign operations

• Monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans, Perform risk management to understand and mitigate key elements of the company's risk profile

• Develop performance measures and monitoring systems that support the company's strategic direction

• Decide on investment strategies by considering cash and liquidity risks

• Manage the accounting, investor relations, legal, tax strategies

• Ensure cash flow is appropriate for the organization’s operations

• Prepare reliable current and forecasting reports

• Providing leadership, direction, and management of the finance and accounting team

• Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisitions


• Proven experience as CFO in a fast growing company

• In-depth knowledge of corporate finance and risk management practices

• Proven experience in providing strategic recommendations to the CEO/president and BOD, and member of the executive management team

• Proven leadership skills, excellent communication skills and English-speaking capabilities.

• Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods

• Ability to strategize and solve problems

• Strong leadership and organizational skills

• Excellent communication and people skills

• Experience in IR/ ipo and leading investment rounds.


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